Total resource efficiency

Reallocate, sell, or decommission your resources for their next, best use

graphic showing resources moving through the circular economy

Enterprise solutions

Scale enterprise-wide reuse

Reduce reactive purchasing, repurpose resourcefully and responsibly, and discover new revenue streams while supporting your net-zero strategies.

Construction and demolition

Create a sharing and exchange network for building products, materials, and equipment while reducing waste.


Find the highest and best next use for your available assets and take complete control over where they end up.

Energy and utilities

Create a sharing and exchange network for building products, materials, and equipment while reducing waste.

Financial services

Make more strategic purchasing decisions by understanding workplace resource availability, usage, and redeployment opportunities.

Life sciences

Maximize the effectiveness of your lab by preventing overstocking and understocking and facilitate more viable operations.

Workplace resources

Improve inventory management by increasing visibility, internal reuse, and cross-organization sharing of your furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E).

Benefits you’ll experience with Rheaply:

Contain and reduce cost

Make informed purchasing decisions that result in reduced waste and better cost containment across your organization

Increase process efficiencies

Save time and effort by phasing-out manual data entry, simplify inventory audits, and break down organizational silos through streamlined exchange communication

Reclaim value

Enhanced visibility into existing inventory enables strategic, sustainable investment recovery and creates cash flow

Operationalize sustainability initiatives

Connect with decommission and donation partners to set reuse programs into motion that address operational challenges and improve overall sustainability

10M+ tons of valuable furniture and furnishings enter U.S. landfills annually as waste, but it’s really a wasted opportunity.

Enterprise solutions

Create and foster local sharing economies

Bolster the economy and build resilient communities by creating a climate positive future.

State & local government

Circular marketplaces build economic opportunity, reduce waste, and create vibrant, connected and resilient neighborhoods.

Higher education

Improve visibility and reuse of resources across university campus and departmental buildings.

Reclaim value with on-site services

Introduce clearouts, repair and remanufacture equipment, turning end-of-use into next use.

Real estate & workplace liquidation

“Last resort” in-house refurbishment, remanufacturing and commercial liquidation for facilities.

Storage clearouts

Free up space and reduce unnecessary storage and tipping fees with decommissioning services.

See why our customers love Rheaply

RUSH University Medical Center diverts 53,000 pounds of furniture waste via the Rheaply Platform

surplus asset management savings

How a top 5 biopharma company saved $187,000 through resource exchange

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