Put your organization’s
resources to use with Rheaply.


Reimagine procurement

Say goodbye to clutter, cobwebs, and waste from reactive purchasing and hello to strategic, sustainable procurement.

Workplace resources

Lower overhead expenses through redistribution and reuse of underutilized inventory.

Built environment

Capitalize on reclaimed materials and recoup costs on equipment while reducing waste.


Conduct faster, more efficient testing through the exchange of equipment, consumables, and samples.

Energy & utilities


Save procurement cost on expensive healthcare equipment and consumables.


Tech & manufacturing

Public sector

Rethink efficiency

Bolster local economies and build resilient communities by creating a climate positive future.

Federal government

Boost asset visibility, drive utilization, and lower procurement costs at every level.

State & local government

Bring your community together through resource sharing and waste reduction.

Higher education

Improve management of resources across campus to benefit students, faculty, and labs.

Reclaim value through circularity

“Return to office” means returning to IRL: introduce clearouts, repair equipment, and lend assets internally.

  • Maintenance, Operations & Repair
  • Facilities, Real Estate & Workplace Services
  • Storage Clearouts

Realize sustainability-focused initiatives

Operationalize your companywide objectives through boots-on-the-ground work in change management and implementation.

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESGs)
  • Circular economy action plans
  • Science-based target initiatives
  • Scope III emissions
  • Net zero & zero waste to landfill
  • 2030 environmental goals
  • Paris climate agreement
  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Reinforce your community’s network

Create new connections through an exchange ecosystem within any geographic area under the guidance of Rheaply Experts.

  • Colleges, universities, and schools
  • Construction sites
  • Donation centers
  • Hospitals and healthcare buildings
  • Laboratories, research, and manufacturing facilities
  • Mass transit infrastructure
  • Nuclear power plants, refineries
  • Offices and corporate headquarters
  • Reuse retailers
  • Warehouses

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