Stop stressing over decommission projects

Rheaply Circulate finds the highest and best next use for your available assets and gives you complete control over who sees them, who can get them, and where they end up.

How it works

List it
Accept it
Get rid of it

Save time when you don’t have much of it

Just like the other marketplaces you know how to use, except Rheaply Circulate makes it fast and easy to list the assets you no longer need — without mistakes.

  • Bulk upload to create numerous listings at once
  • AI suggestions so you can add detailed asset information to your listings even faster

Connect instantly with partners who want your items

Researching and securing buyers or donation partners is an inefficient process. Tap into Rheaply’s expansive network to digitally distribute your items.

  • Alerts ensure you never miss an offer
  • Message directly with buyers and sellers
  • Accept and make payments directly on Rheaply

Free up your space and your budget

You clear out your facility, your partner gets what they need, and you get closer to your sustainability goals. We call that a win-win-win.

  • Track the status of orders and feel confident when your transaction is complete
  • Reclaim value for your organization or donate to a trusted partner

Need this done even faster?

We got you.

For those under a time crunch, our boots-on-the-ground decommissioning services can handle item listing, inventory management, logistics, and more.

Squeeze value out of decommissioned assets while disposing them responsibly

Just because it’s “end-of-life” doesn’t mean it’s “end of story.” Reclaim value from your decommissioned assets and dispose of them sustainably, with the reporting to back it up.

Measure the impact of your decommission

When you throw things away, you’re throwing your data and insights into the landfill too. Rheaply Circulate measures the impact of your decommission with real-time analytics. Track cost savings, waste diversion, and embodied carbon avoidance.

Automatic sustainability reports

Real-time data that follows the asset

Rheaply vs. typical decommission services

When things have got to go, go with Rheaply.

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