Features that fuel resource exchange

Rheaply’s ever-expanding set of features brings surplus resources together on one platform. You’ll save time and money collaborating across people, teams, and organizations.


Inventory and surplus management

Informed procurement decisions make workplace remodeling, clear-outs, and decommission a breeze.

Inventory and surplus management

Informed procurement decisions make workplace remodeling, clear-outs, and disposition a breeze.

Centralized repository

Access critical data around asset and category usage, and cost in one place.

Empower the right people to find the right resources — no more spreadsheets needed.


What’s inside?


Customize your profile, track resources, and measure the environmental impact of your individual reuse efforts


Designate specific roles or groups that define their access control settings


Manage active offers with alerts and status updates so you never miss a listing


Coordinate reuse efforts across your team or organization


Talk directly with buyers and sellers

Exchange center

See offers and listings for items that are available in your marketplace


Robust reporting to measure the impact of circularity. Track cost savings, waste diversion, and embodied carbon avoidance.

Embodied carbon

Estimate your organization’s embodied carbon avoidance through reuse efforts

Cost savings

Quantify the value recaptured from recirculating assets internally within your organization

Platform usage

Understand product usage and condition to inform relocation decisions

Category analysis

View the top-performing resource categories based on # of items, value identified, or value recaptured

Customer success and support

Help is just one click away.

Help center

Explore articles and tutorials to up your reuse game


Ask anything, submit feedback, or issue a help ticket with our real-time, live support

Access and mobility

Rheaply is built with desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences in mind.

Responsive web application

Enjoy all of the same features as the web version on your mobile device.

Post on the fly

Track and update items on the go with a mobile app shortcut.

Security and privacy

Breathe easy knowing that your data is secure and in compliance.

Visibility management

Use permissions and privacy controls to limit or allow access to any item or team.

Data protection

Meet industry-specific regulations, security requirements, and data privacy standards.

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