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Rheaply’s award-winning resource management and exchange platform helps world-leading organizations better visualize, quantify, and utilize their physical assets.

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Technology to power the circular economy

Asset Management

Easily keep track of your inventory without having to rely on inadequate spreadsheets or complicated systems.


Buy, sell, trade, donate, and rent resources within your own organization or externally throughout your network.

Data Insight

Build a complete picture of your asset utilization. View, download, and share visualized waste diversion reports.

Rheaply’s AxM empowers any organization to harvest their internal resources before making any purchasing decision, thereby making the management, exchange and tracking of assets more transparent.


Rheaply AxM

We’ve created a new category for resource management called Asset Exchange Manager (AxM).

AxM unlocks the value of underutilized assets by increasing discoverability and transparency of resources. Sharing and collaboration form just one part of the larger circular economy discussion, but it’s an area where organizations can make an immediate impact to reduce GHG emissions.

Circular Economy

By 2030 the circular economy is estimated to be worth $4.5 trillion in economic output. Can technology speed our journey toward a circular future? Read more

AxM Circular Economy

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Save Money

Save Money

Reduce wasteful spending on resources you already have or discover a great deal on the marketplace. Lower the cost of storage which usually gets more expensive over time.

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

When you have visibility into your organization’s unused surplus items you can make informed decisions on what you need and stop buying things you already have.

Increase Sustainability

Increase Sustainability

Becoming more green is not only good for the environment, but good for your organization. Fulfill a key part of the circular economy and turn your organization into a leader of sustainability.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Get more things done faster by procuring items closest to you. When a nearby team or stockroom has something you need there is no waiting for processing and shipping – it’s just ready to go.

Boost Collaboration

Boost Collaboration

Connect to people and teams with similar resource interests. Break down barriers within your organization or another group from your extended network.

Connected Network

Connected Network

Leverage trusted networks and gain access to resources from top companies and universities. You’re always in control of what can go in and out of your network.

Circularity in Action

Rheaply combines resource exchange, asset management, disposition & sustainability metrics to power circular organizations and systems. Here’s our latest news and stories!

Ellen MacArthur Foundation:

Rheaply Featured in Ellen MacArthur Foundation Case Study

The Reusies:

Rheaply wins Inaugural Award for “Most Innovative Reuse Company”


Better than recycling? These manufacturers are taking part in a ‘circular economy’


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Rheaply’s vision is to make the world’s resources visible, easily transferable, and more valuable in our global marketplace.