Bring your reuse vision to life (with some help)

Activate underutilized, surplus, and in-storage resources at your organization and develop deeper relationships with your partners and local communities.

Kickstart your reuse action plan

Rheaply’s sustainability consulting service builds reuse programs that solve operational challenges and enhance overall sustainability.

Our team will work alongside yours to develop programs and strategies that successfully drive visibility, utilization, and exchange of your resources.

10M+ tons of valuable furniture and furnishings enter U.S. landfills annually as waste, but it’s really a wasted opportunity.

How it works


Understand your organization’s goals, structure, roles, process, and approaches. We map internal stakeholders by conducting interviews with procurement, facilities, supply chain, and sustainability teams.

  • Determine your organization’s circularity goals and priorities.
  • Rally key stakeholders who will help lead internal change.

Current processes are mapped and a sustainable resource life cycle strategy is developed to identify opportunities for integrating circular strategies into current systems.

  • Evaluate the potential for circularity within your organization.

Craft a plan alongside our Impact Team to build the foundations of your circularity program. We identify key areas of goal-setting and internal engagement, while collaborative sessions with your teams will ensure resources that are mapped by location are trackable and recirculated to permitted user groups and owners.

  • Align milestones with newly-established metrics, goals, and priorities.
  • Enable circularity and communicate outcomes to help grow the circular economy.


Goal setting

Identification of program goals and milestones


Locate, assess, and inventory surplus resources

Internal communications

Develop strategy for growing or finding your internal reuse champions

Reporting strategy

Determine approach for measuring progress toward pilot goals and beyond

Future state growth plan

Prioritize future state use cases, internal and external users, and internal team responsibilities; develop milestones to track future growth

External communications

Develop strategy for cultivating external ecosystem and growing reuse relationships with partners and vendors

Field Services

Get on-site support

Expand and fortify your approach to reuse and sustainability programs—with a little help. Our customer success and impact teams, as well as external partners, work hand-in-hand with your teams on location.

Reduce warehouse space

Integrate reuse into your procurement and reuse operations to maximize the value, lifespan, and community impact of your resources.

Circulate resources

Rheaply’s ecosystem partners can help you in transportation, decommissioning, and storage within specific verticals and regional markets. Support small organizations while ensuring landfill avoidance.

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