Careers at Rheaply

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We help organizations reduce waste and save money, and we want your help.

Ready to make an impact?

At Rheaply, we’re building technology to enable organizations to achieve full utilization of their physical resources, thereby reducing costs and waste by keeping valuable items in circulation.

Our mission

To build a community where every workplace resource finds its next use.

Making an impact

We help businesses save time, money, and the planet while collaborating across people, teams, and organizations.

Where we are

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, we also offer fully remote and hybrid work environments.

Perks and benefits for team members:

Competitive salary & 401k plan

You can ensure that you’ll be paid fairly for your work and on par with industry standards.

Health, dental, and vision insurance

We offer great insurance coverage for you and your family at little to no premium cost for you.

Unlimited PTO

Whether you want some time to travel or just need a day off, our unlimited PTO policy grants you the freedom to do so.

Extended holiday weekends

A long weekend is essential for recharging. Any time there’s a Monday holiday, we also take off the previous Friday.

Personal and professional development

Stay at the top of your game with a variety of continuing educational opportunities.

Friendly culture

A team of shared values, but unique perspectives brings us together towards a common goal.

Rheaply’s core values

We care about our communities and the environment

Rheaply is driven by the mission to reduce our environmental footprint and accelerate our transition to a circular economy. We strive to live by our mission of promoting environmental awareness and waste reduction in our decisions and actions at Rheaply and beyond.

We listen to and delight our users

Our users are our most important stakeholders. We strive to provide the most seamless user experience and value to our users across client organizations. We do our best to have empathy for their problems and challenges. We listen to users’ feedback and provide timely responses to questions and needs.

We encourage individual team member growth, innovation, and happiness

Our people are our most valuable assets. Rheaply’s success is dependent upon the collective drive, intelligence, curiosities and contributions of all of our team members. We care for the wellbeing of each team member and ensure that they have the support and mentorship they need to succeed at Rheaply and beyond.

We value transparency, humility, and open communication

The key determinant to our successful market execution is our ability to communicate and share successes, learnings, insights, struggles, and solutions across our teams. At Rheaply, we strive to cultivate a culture of intelligence with humility. We care about hearing each member’s voice and understanding their unique perspective.

We promote a collaborative culture of learning and problem-solving

Rheaply is committed to finding straightforward solutions to complex problems. We are constantly learning from each other, from our clients, and from our competitors. We strive to understand problems at the microscopic level and become industry experts in building, deploying, and iterating sustainable, circular solutions.

We are tenacious and own our work

At Rheaply, we are dedicated to enabling the transition to a more circular world. We are relentless about our mission and vision. We hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions, both internally and in the market.

We strive to be helpful

We view all the work we do at Rheaply as daily, non-stop efforts to help and support each other, our clients, our users, our partners, and our shared environment.