Hi, we’re Rheaply.

We empower people to transform companies into climate-centered organizations.

We champion the resourceful.

Within every organization there are pretty amazing people who float under the radar.

They are those who care.

They ask questions about the fate of the resources around them:

  • Where does this go?
  • What more could be done?
  • How much more value could we get out of it?
  • Why is this considered waste?

Some are CEOs generating plans to reach zero-waste-to-landfill on a tight timeline, while others make up facilities teams working to quickly source parts to repair a downed manufacturing line. They care about the impact of their organization and they care that they can contribute. Together, these resource-conscious individuals are creating systemic change.

With the Rheaply platform, they define what it means to re-source the assets, services, and expertise their organization needs.

Why climate?

We get it – rethinking the way companies source goods to save money and become more efficient feels like its own massive undertaking. Adding the climate crisis into the mix may feel overwhelming.

The truth is we believe every job is a climate job and every problem is a climate problem.

Like you, we feel the effects of the goods and materials take-make-dispose status quo: dealing with legacy systems, overburdened teams, and broken spreadsheets. They cost organizations money, create inefficient silos causing resources to become invisible, and the waste generated is certainly not helping all the inhabitants of our planet.

A path forward without considering climate just isn’t an option. The first companies to truly become climate-centered will have cutting edge advantages over their competition.

So, along with those that care – our resource champions – we’re doing something about it.

The Circular what?

Rheaply’s foundation is built on the pillars of a little something called “the circular economy”. To quote the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this is “a new economic system in which we design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems.”

This isn’t to say that everyone needs to become an expert in global economies overnight.

Far from it. That’s our job.

We make this system work for you. Our platform is built so anyone at your organization can get the most out of the resources you have, facilitate the exchange of goods when needed, and catalyze the new connections you are looking for to ensure nothing goes to landfill.

Steering our ship

We know these are big challenges and if there was an easy way, it would have been done already. Our team is driven to take on that challenge and invites you to join us in building a just and inclusive circular economy.

At the core, we adhere to our shared and individual values that propel us all. We’re solving the hard-to-solve problems by bringing in people from a wide variety of perspectives, and employing the expertise and tenacity to bring forward positive change to the world.

Our Team

Our Leadership

Discover better. Together.

Rheaply’s vision is to make the world’s resources visible, easily transferable,
and more valuable in our global marketplace.