Empowering professionals to save money and the environment

At Rheaply, we’re building technology to enable organizations to achieve full utilization of their physical assets, thereby reducing costs and waste by keeping valuable resources in circulation.

Launched in 2016, Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager (AxM) is the easiest way that professionals share materials & resources with anyone in their industry. By connecting leading research institutions, Fortune 500 companies, government, school systems, nonprofits, startups, and other organizations in between, Rheaply is creating a shared economy for innovation.


Garry Cooper, PhD



Tyler Skelton



Peter Tucker



Rheaply Origin Story

Rheaply’s beginnings trace back to when Rheaply’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Garry Cooper was working towards his PhD in neuroscience at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and contributing to the ongoing Parkinson’s disease drug discovery efforts. During his time at Feinberg, he discovered silos within the university when it came to sharing physical assets. Some departments had a surplus of materials and would discard the excess assets that were perfectly appropriate for reuse. Other departments were using outdated spreadsheets and incomplete listservs to source needed materials from peers, but due to a lack of asset location and quantity knowledge, they purchased new ones instead. This observation sparked the idea for Rheaply, the name of which is a combination of the words “research” and “cheaply”.

Rheaply’s platform, Asset Exchange Manager (AxM)™, makes it easy and efficient for organizations in technology, government, retail, healthcare, and higher education to track and utilize the assets they already have before making a purchasing decision. The platform enables companies to share and sell physical assets within and between organizations.

Our Core Values

At Rheaply, we thrive to provide the most seamless experience for our AxM users, enabling our client organizations to achieve full utilization of their assets, thereby reducing procurement, storage, as well as environmental costs by keeping valuable resources in circulation. As a team, we pledge to execute our work in accordance with our seven Core Values.

1. We Listen To and Delight Our Users

2. We Encourage Individual Team Member Growth, Innovation, And Happiness

3. We Value Transparency, Humility, and Open Communication

4. We Care About Our Communities And The Environment

5. We Promote A Collaborative Culture of Learning and Problem-Solving

6. We Are Tenacious and We Own Our Work

7. We Strive To Be Helpful