Hi, we’re Rheaply.

We’re on a mission to build a connected community with transformative technology where every workplace resource finds its next use.

An idea that started in a lab

A portmanteau of “research” and “cheaply,” Rheaply was built in 2016 by Dr. Garry Cooper to connect scientists with resources in excess to those with resource needs. The reasons were simple: research was facing unprecedented funding cuts and resource limitations while usable lab equipment and consumables were going to waste. With Rheaply’s technology, a sharing economy was created, but the idea of a circular economy was germinating.

Rheaply today

Today, we apply this methodology to make sure the rest of the world’s resources find their next use. Rheaply enables organizations of all stripes to innovate and excel by creating sharing economies through technology solutions. We believe technology must play the lead role in turning our linear economy into a circular one for all of humanity.

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1 million+
trusted clients
ecosystem partners
1 +
value recaptured last year
$ 2.4 million
weight recaptured last year
1 k lbs
embodied carbon avoided last year
1 k lbs

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Most Innovative Reuse Company

Chicago Innovation
2021 Award Winner

2022 Momentum Awards

Circular Economy Leadership Award

Rise of the Rest Award

State of Gov Tech Award

Goldman Sachs Entrepreneurial Award

Loyola University
Environmental Stewardship Award

MIT & Microsoft
Solver Award

Why climate?

We get it—rethinking the way companies source goods to save money and become more efficient is a massive undertaking. Adding the climate crisis into the mix may feel overwhelming. The truth is we believe every job is a climate job and every problem is a climate problem. So, along with those that care—our resource champions—we’re doing something about it.

Rheaply’s foundation is built on the pillars of a little something called “the circular economy”. To quote the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this is “a new economic system in which we design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems.”

Our platform is built so anyone at your organization can get the most out of the resources you have, facilitate the exchange of goods when needed, and catalyze new connections.


Rheaply is  backed by early-stage venture capital investors betting on a greener (and more circular) future.

  • High Alpha 
  • Rise of the Rest
  • Eighty Eighty Group
  • Emerson Collective
  • Hyde Park Angels 
  • Energy Impact Partners
  • Collide Capital 
  • Cleveland Avenue 
  • Citi Ventures
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce

Our team

Team Rheaply is made up of talented, passionate doers. We’re not afraid of solving big, hairy problems, and we live up to our mantra, “Always be helpful.” We embrace our values, we strive to carry out our mission, and—if we may be so bold—we’re just a really good group of humans.








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