Workplace resources

Identify, locate, and utilize your commercial office resources

Make sustainable reuse a reality

Move the needle on sustainability initiatives in a meaningful way. Empower your organization to embed reuse into organizational culture and operations by making resources more visible, accessible, and valuable.

Make informed purchases

Gain visibility into existing resources to reduce duplicate purchasing and further sustainable procurement practices.

Maximize value of inventory

Meet external demand for items in surplus by connecting to an ecosystem of resource exchange partners.

Reduce carbon emissions

Quantify the impact of your reuse strategy and track progress towards zero waste goals through detailed reporting dashboards.

A digital catalog for all indirect resources

For leading retail companies, approximately 200 million dollars of store fixtures get thrown away or recycled per year. Eliminate double procurement, divert waste from landfill, and reduce your retail organization’s carbon footprint with a digital catalog of fixtures and accessories available for exchange.

Extend the lifetime value of resources

Disposing of surplus resources has become the status quo, but it doesn’t have to be. Gain the visibility and accessibility required to maximize the return on your existing resources without any of the heavy lifting.

Amount of all generated furniture that ends up in landfills while less than 1% gets recycled

Put idle assets to use

Without access to information on what resources exist, where they are and how they are utilized, reuse will become a near-impossible task. Rheaply’s resource exchange platform ensures this data is readily accessible to instill confidence in sustainability initiatives.

Quantify recaptured revenue through value of exchanged resources

Assess exchanges by category for future budgeting allocation

Provide asset-level details on sizing, condition, quantity and design features

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RUSH University Medical Center diverts 53,000 pounds of furniture waste via the Rheaply Platform

surplus asset management savings

How a top 5 biopharma company saved $187,000 through resource exchange

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