Construction and demolition

Source and implement reclaimed materials for construction projects

Where demand meets supply (chain)

Make constructing a new project from high-quality reclaimed materials possible. By implementing a resource exchange within the built environment, you can connect buyers with sellers on an accessible and transparent platform.

Maximize value of inventory

Create demand for salvageable materials to recapture their value when ready for removal.

Reduce environmental impact

Meet your zero waste objectives and avoid waste to landfill by finding new homes for your surplus reusable building materials.

Eliminate purchasing inefficiencies

Source local reclaimed materials to stop over-purchasing and scale lean construction practices.

Ready to start reusing?

Rheaply will help us connect suppliers to receivers long before materials are removed from building sites, reducing the need for storage, and providing the necessary reporting to bolster near-term deconstruction and material reuse policy.

City of San Francisco

Greenbuild International Conference & Expo

20 MT
Amount of of CO2e savings that widespread reuse of commercial materials in the U.S. could yield

Take demolition out of C&D

Make deconstruction as feasible as demolition by identifying materials that can be reused early enough in the design process and without the unnecessary waste.

Remove data blindspots

Without immediate access to information on material quality, availability, and use, the built environment cannot properly plan for reuse in construction. Our resource exchange platform ensures essential data is readily accessible to instill confidence in sustainability initiatives.

Determine landfill avoidance by weight of reused resources.

Quantify the impact value of recaptured and 
exchanged resources.

Document materials reuse needed for 
LEED certification through exchange activity.

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