Life sciences

A single source of truth for asset management

Answer what?, where?, and can this be reused?
in an instant

Make informed puchases

Gain visibility into where items are at, how much you have, and what quality it’s in before purchasing more.

Gain control over surplus

Surplus assets can be sold or donated on-platform for an additional revenue stream.

Scale reuse

Find opportunities to reuse the valuable furniture, equipment, and consumables on campus or externally.

Ditch spreadsheets for good.

Connect your people to the resources they need and ignite positive change at your organization.

“Rheaply allows us to achieve sustainability and cost avoidance. One of our lab managers saved his department $6,000 by not buying new — and kept a heck of a lot of furniture out of the landfill.”

Katie Pittman, Sustainability Coordinator at RUSH University Medical Center

Collect data, not dust

Without access to information on what resources exist, where they are and how they are utilized, reuse is a near-impossible task. Ensure this data is readily accessible and instill confidence in your investment recovery initiatives.

With Rheaply, you can:

  • Furnish or decommission entire floors and buildings on time and on budget
  • Improve operational efficiency and drive down project costs
  • Support the quick execution of projects, such as space refreshes
  • Upload and track physical items with ease
Rheaply estimated embodied carbon avoided reports

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