28. Sandra Noonan on reusable packaging and scaling circular operations

Chief Sustainability Officer, Just Salad

February 1, 2023 22 min, 33 sec

27. Megan Murday on ESG, diversity, and sustainability for startups

CEO of Metric ESG

November 16, 2022 24 min, 01 sec

26. Nina Ahuja on re-commerce in retail and fashion

Head of Business Development at Trove

October 26, 2022 31 min, 33 sec

25. Emily Barker on reuse across Minnesota

Executive Director, Reuse Minnesota

September 21, 2022 31 min, 59 sec

24. Heidi Frasure on furniture circularity

Sustainability Manager at Steelcase

August 31, 2022 28 min, 15 sec

23. Karin Dillie on scaling the circular economy in retail

VP of Partnerships at Recurate

August 24, 2022 24 min, 38 sec

22. Tessa Vierk on cooperative reuse and repair

Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Chicago Tool Library

August 17, 2022 26 min, 30 sec

20. Andy Delisi on furniture remanufacturing and reuse

Director of Business Development at Envirotech Office Systems

June 15, 2022 27 min, 18 sec

19. Dr. Weslynne Ashton on industrial ecology and connecting people

Associate Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology

June 8, 2022 39 min, 25 sec

18. Shannon Goodman on deconstruction and furniture reuse

Lifecycle Building Center

May 25, 2022 25 min, 25 sec

17. Patty Lloyd on ESG in the construction industry

Director of Sustainability at Leopardo Companies, Inc

April 27, 2022 23 min, 23 sec

16. Jamie McCroskery on scaling a sustainability technology solution

Co-founder and CEO of Bluebird

April 20, 2022 34 min, 26 sec

15. Ben Christensen on urban forestry and wood reuse

CEO at Cambium Carbon

April 13, 2022 22 min, 41 sec

14. Mark Kardos on greenwashing and sustainability in tech

Sustainability Lead at IBM Consulting

April 6, 2022 29 min, 24 sec

13. Vaughn Cassidy on bridging reuse in government and business

Environmental Consultant for TN Dept. of Environment & Conservation

March 16, 2022 39 min, 6 sec

12. Amanda Jordan on turning Phoenix into a circular city

Circular Economy Project Manager at City of Phoenix

March 9, 2022 30 min, 45 sec

11. Andrew Ellsworth on building material reuse

Founder & CEO of Doors Unhinged

March 2, 2022 39 min, 9 sec

10. Daniel Kietzer on mapping organizational reuse

Director of Ecosystem Growth at Rheaply

January 12, 2022 30 min, 17 sec

9. Bergen Hubert on the path to circularity in the built environment

Built Environment Manager at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

January 5, 2022 33 min, 50 sec

8. Roma Patel & Sam Schurr on working at Rheaply and our clients’ success

Rheaply Team Members

December 29, 2021 20 min, 12 sec

7. James George on building an inclusive circular economy

Strategic Advisor at PYXERA Global

December 22, 2021 48 min, 23 sec

6. Lauren Phipps on the future of circularity and reuse

Circular Economy VP & Senior Analyst at GreenBiz

December 15, 2021 39 min, 27 sec

5. Eden Brukman on green building and exchange in San Francisco

Senior Green Building Coordinator

December 8, 2021 32 min, 21 sec

4. Brian Bauer on plastic and packaging circularity

Lead of Circular Economy and Alliances at Algramo

November 24, 2021 32 min, 44 sec

3. Scott Breen on recycling and consumer packaging

Vice President of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute

November 17, 2021 42 min, 18 sec

2. Ryan Smith on the logistics of the circular economy

Founder and CEO of Recyclops

November 10, 2021 46 min, 5 sec

1. Stephanie Barger on zero waste

Director of TRUE Zero Waste

November 4, 2021 46 min, 23 sec

Welcome to the Multi-Usiverse

Alongside your guide, Garr Punnett, explore worlds of opportunity within the use of physical resources across companies and organizations. Consider this a field guide in scaling reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recirculation. We’ll learn from guests who have ventured down this earth and carved their way. Our aim is to discuss the successes, opportunities, and challenges of scaling a connected, circular economy.

Meet the host

Garr Punnett

Garr, Rheaply's Chief Strategy Officer, leverages his unique experience in production, sales and climate tech to assist large academic, government and Fortune 100 enterprise partners in building technology that empowers zero waste and circular solutions.

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