Break Some Dishes podcast: Building to better LIVE at Greenbuild 2022

February 15, 2023

Rheaply joins the Break Some Dishes podcast with other game changers in sustainability LIVE from Greenbuild 2022!

Hosts Jon Strassner and Verda Alexander talk with industry leaders about how they lead and make sustainable change in different ways through biomaterials and carbon capture, water and energy conservation, design accountability, carbon offsets, or resource reuse.

Guest lineup includes:

  • Elizabeth Bridges, Co-founder at Sum Studio and OurCarbon
  • Alisha McFetridge, Co-founder & CEO at RainStick
  • Sean McFetridge, Co-founder & CTO at RainStick
  • Ren DeCherney, Built Environment Lead at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
  • Garr Punnett, Chief Impact Officer at Rheaply
  • Rebecca Elie Best, EVP Sustainability at Material Bank®

Learn more from these change leaders that are creating solutions for a more sustainable future and a circular economy. Check out the additional tips they recommend for you to help effect change in your own communities.

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