State and local government

Facilitate seamless local resource exchange

Strengthen your local economy

Maximize the lifetime value of local resources while meeting the needs of underserved communities. Help your constituents meet their demand needs by putting your city’s surplus items to good use.

Make resources readily accessible

Provide platform access and inventory visibility to any community stakeholder to meet local supply and demand needs.

Act on sustainability pledges

Reduce carbon emissions and avoid waste to landfill by keeping local resources in circulation.

Cultivate local connections

Strengthen relationships between private and public institutions by establishing a community committed to eliminating waste.

Trusted by these reuse champions:

Rheaply is uniting a broad cross-section of suppliers and receivers of salvage & surplus commercial building materials toward a goal of >15% generation reduction and >50% reduction to landfill by 2030.

Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

6 million
Net increase in jobs that could result from transitioning to a global circular economy could create by 2030.

Generate societal value with a ready-made platform

Get back the precious time it takes to create a program from scratch. By leveraging an existing resource exchange platform, you can empower local businesses, create new jobs, and make progress on your climate action plan without depleting your budget.

Implement more effective policies

Launching an exchange for local resources can provide the foundation for future reuse legislation. Our mobile-friendly platform ensures that you can always access the reporting needed to prove the return on your investment.

Quantify the impact value of recaptured and exchanged resources.

Determine landfill avoidance by weight of reused resources.

Demonstrate reuse engagement with detailed reporting.

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State & Local Government

Ignite sustainable change in your community with Rheaply.