Meet the Rheaply team: Maddie Sullivan

October 27, 2021
YouTube video

It goes without saying that every company’s superpower is its people. They are what drives innovation, growth & how customers stay happy. More importantly, it’s a big reason why the rest of the team wants to even come into work, especially on a Monday.

We spend most of our time at work; and between Zoom calls, client trips & fast approaching deadlines, it’s the small interactions within these events that define culture. It’s the moments of idea sharing and active listening that make us feel safe at work, and all that starts with people. 

While Rheaply’s mission is to help businesses become more circular, its foundation consists of a team that believes in this mission and helps bring everything to reality. When we interview candidates to join our team, and ask what it is that they have most enjoyed about their previous jobs, the answer is often, “the people”. And so we’ve put together a series of videos, so we can share more about why the Rheaply Humans make us proud and how they define our culture. 

In a series of upcoming videos, we’ve posed questions to them, some of which include: Who are they outside of Rheaply? What do they enjoy in their day to day? What drives them?

Who better to start this series with, than one of Rheaply’s biggest success stories – Maddie! She was Rheaply’s first intern (and therefore one of our most tenured) and the only team member to have worked in 3 different departments at Rheaply! Beyond her hardworking & outgoing nature, you’ll meet her very cute cat, Biscuit.

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