Pioneering Circular Cities – Garry Cooper at the 2023 Climate Week Science Fair

September 20, 2023
YouTube video

Against the backdrop of the prestigious 2023 Climate Week Science Fair in New York City, Rheaply founder and CEO, Garry Cooper, takes the stage to deliver a powerful speech on the Circular Cities movement and the transition to net-zero emissions across varying areas of business and technology. In this video from Climate Science Fair host Emerson Collective, we witness Garry’s captivating address as he highlights the urgent need for circularity in urban landscapes and showcases how Rheaply is driving tangible change towards a sustainable future.

Garry unravels the essence of the Circular Cities movement by emphasizing the transformative power of cities in realigning urban ecosystems to function in harmony with nature’s regenerative capabilities. He showcases Rheaply’s revolutionary online marketplace platform, which enables the exchange and reuse of underutilized assets and materials within cities, ultimately fostering resource optimization and waste reduction. As he concludes his speech, Garry leaves the audience inspired and driven towards a collective commitment to embrace circularity and transition to net-zero emissions, showcasing the immense potential that the Circular Cities movement holds in reshaping our urban landscapes.

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