March 2023 Product Corner

As a company, Rheaply highly values listening to and delighting our users. This month, our Product and Engineering teams have focused on creating a better user experience and reducing friction. I’m happy to share a few of the major updates made to the platform in March below. 

More accurate embodied carbon data

This fix addresses previous errors in estimated embodied carbon avoided reports. We revisited our methodology and categorization to increase the accuracy of these reports. We’ve notified organizations that have seen a significant change to their data resulting from this adjustment. 

As a user, you can help increase the accuracy of this data by correctly categorizing and inputting the weight values associated with a listing as diligently as possible. Unsure of an item’s weight? A quick Google search is all it takes to come up with a fair estimate. We’ll handle the rest. 

Additionally, we added your organization’s embodied CO2 avoided metrics to the dashboard.

Save listings

The ability to save listings and create lists is now available! As you navigate what is available to you on Rheaply, you can save listings and come back to them later. This helps you keep track of specific items, making the checkout process easier. 

These saved lists can be shared with others by copy-pasting the URL. Try it out!

animated gif showing the process of saving a listing on Rheaply


Approvals and ownership

“I’d like to see some sort of an approval process, so that my team can own listing our items on Rheaply, but then it comes back to me to approve and manage any offers from that point on.”

– A Supply Chain Project Manager, last November

A few Rheaply admins shared that they wanted more control and knowledge over their organization’s listings including rules around which team member has the authority to publish and manage a listing to the Public Network or their preferred partners. 

So, how did we solve this?

  • Ownership of a listing can now be changed up to the moment an offer is made.
  • Admins can configure their organization to require their approval on all posters’ listings before they are live on-platform.  
  • When a listing requires approval from an administrator, the admin will receive an in-app notification and an email. 

We are constantly improving our platform to meet the needs of our customers. Approvals is currently in beta with certain customers. Talk to your Customer Success Manager (or email to determine if this feature is right for your organization.

Keep an eye out in the coming months for some major feature releases and product updates from our team to help bring circularity to every business.

Discover more product updates and feature releases here.

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