February 2023 Product Corner

What a year it’s already shaping up to be at Rheaply as we finish February 2023! Last month, you may have seen our 2022 Reuse Recap touch on what was accomplished over the past year. The Rheaply Product and Engineering teams have hit the ground running this year, producing releases and updates on a quick schedule. I’m excited to share a major improvement made to the Rheaply platform this month.

Home page redesign

an updated view of the Rheaply homepage UI

We’ll be candid, the status quo homepage was a bit bland. In order to help users better experience the value of Rheaply immediately upon opening, we have a brand new homepage! Here’s a few quick items we improved: 

  • Find it easier to discover resources by seeing personalized views of things you may be interested in or through category selection. 
  • Keep track of your metrics with a new impact dashboard showcasing the collective weight diverted from landfill and value recaptured at your organization.
  • More quickly address tasks that require your attention by viewing calls-to-action more obviously across the platform.

You might have missed:

  • Condition fields to allow more insight into the quality of the resource in a post.
  • Weight suggestions based upon category averages to help users save time while recording an item’s weight. Available for three standard categories:
    • workspace-furniture-chairs
    • workspace-furniture-desks-office-furniture
    • workspace-furniture-cabinets-cupboards

Welcome to Rheaply!

screenshot showing the UI of Rheaply's welcome screen

Upon signing up for access to Rheaply, users will now be greeted with a Welcome page to help ease onboarding. This helps us better customize your new homepage while guiding you onto the platform with a more pleasant experience. 

Keep an eye out in the coming months for some major feature releases and product updates from our team to help bring circularity to every business.

Discover more product updates and feature releases here.

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