Earth911 Podcast: Turning Surplus Resources Into Reuse Gold

November 21, 2022

Garry Cooper Jr., co-founder and CEO of Rheaply joins Mitch Ratcliffe for this episode of the Earth911 podcast. Mitch is the publisher at and the sustainability leader at Metaforce, a global marketing firm. A veteran tech journalist, Mitch is passionate about helping people understand sustainability and the impact of their buying decisions on the planet.

In this episode, the two discuss Rheaply’s vision of “Circularity for every business.” Much of the waste in our world is the result of overstocking and excess inventory in business and government. As much as $600 billion in surplus goods are lying unused in some of the largest organizations in the world, including universities, hospitals, and industries that span the planet, like construction and heavy manufacturing. Mike asks Garry about how the company recently closed a $20 million round of funding — from investors such as Salesforce, Microsoft, AOL founder Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, and others — bringing the amount raised to date to $21 million. started its life in the early ’90s as an Arizona-centric recycling database, even before the World Wide Web came along. After almost 20 years, it remains the largest recycling database in the nation — probably the world. Earth911 works every day to help you make small, simple changes that will reduce the environmental impact on your life, work, and shopping. No one is perfect, and everyone can make progress, so the site focuses on what you can do today by sharing insights into how to measure the carbon footprint of products, services, and lifestyles that need to change for humanity to thrive.

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