Rheaply’s Chicago PPE Market featured on Chi Hack Night

As Chicago and other cities across the world begin reopening, communities are trying to figure out how to get the supplies that are needed to the places that need them the most. To make this happen, cities need technology solutions that allow them to obtain and share supplies — in other words, they need to become circular cities. To be circular means to keep materials continuously in use, extending life cycles and designing out waste.

To aid in this effort, Rheaply, whose technology allows organizations to share resources within and between each other, partnered with the City of Chicago and World Business Chicago to build the Chicago PPE Market. Chicago PPE Market connects Chicago businesses and nonprofits to local distributors of PPE materials, allowing businesses to ensure their customers and staff are safe upon their return to work.

Chi Hack Night PPE discussion

We presented at Chicago’s biggest civic tech meetup to discuss the project. Check it out!

YouTube video

Want to know more about the Chicago PPE Market? Read the City of Chicago case study to get a better idea of how effective this Local-to-Local marketplace was during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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