Accelerating Green Innovations with POLITICO

The transition to a sustainable future continues to gain momentum, after decades of delay on climate action, and has risen to the top of the agenda across government, politics and business. The sense that time could be running out is fueling an urgency to invest in environmental solutions across every sector from transforming the way food is grown, distributed, and consumed to getting more electric vehicles built and on the road; doubling down on tech and innovation; building resilient infrastructure; and advancing environmental justice and equity. What are the highest priority solutions that need to be identified and implemented? What bold steps will it require from Washington, business and at the grassroots level?

On Wednesday, May 18, POLITICO convened its second annual sustainability summit to discuss the policies, strategies, and innovations that government, the corporate sector, and local communities are implementing to accelerate climate progress. POLITICO brought together leading voices from Washington, local and state governments, civil society, and corporate America to discuss the most promising approaches that can leverage the current momentum to get us to a sustainable future much faster.

Rheaply CEO Dr. Garry Cooper spoke at this event which can be watched in the video below.

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