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Materials Marketplace has joined Rheaply to create the largest circular economy platform for challenging waste and by-product materials.

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What does this mean for you?

You’ll see all the same materials and resources in your area, but now with increased functionality, a polished interface, a smoother transaction process, improved support, and even more available items.

The Rheaply platform includes:

  • Easy listing creation
  • AI-generated listing details
  • Bulk item listing
  • In-platform messaging and transactions


Your organization will get access to Rheaply in your region, and you can post, search, and browse available material.

Experience the endless value of reuse

Source materials from similar businesses

Sell goods the moment you no longer need them

Turn waste into revenue

Reduce your business’s carbon footprint

Save time by procuring locally

Create new business connections

“Material rescue and reuse epitomizes climate action for the building industry, honoring embodied carbon and upending the prevailing linear take-make-waste pattern. Quality items can be redistributed to those who need it most, instead of going to landfill.”

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