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Procurement software

Rheaply is a B2B SaaS company that can help your procurement team reduce your carbon footprint and improve operational efficiency through reuse practices. We are here to transform how you source, procure and use your resources so that your organization can limit waste and reach net zero waste goals. A critical part of that is transitioning to procurement automation software.

Learning about procurement software can give your organization more opportunities to improve. The traditional ways of maintaining an inventory of goods and purchasing materials tend to be complicated, time-consuming, and wasteful.

What is procurement software?

A significant amount of money and resources are wasted every single year on inefficient procurement processes. With climate change an increasingly important topic, many businesses are seeking ways to go greener and become more efficient in terms of their procurement practices.

Organizations that are wanting to simplify and automate their procurement processes can consider using special procurement automation software. By carefully selecting procurement software, you can make your  business’ procurement more resilient, efficient, and eco-friendly. 

Procurement software is a type of computer program that allows businesses to automate the processes of purchasing and maintaining an inventory. There are various types of functionality that such software can offer.

There are many procurement and inventory management software options for the best procurement software 2022. To find the best E procurement software, it might be a good idea to research different software vendors from a procurement software list.

E-procurement process

Before using the best e-procurement software, it’s important to know that there are five main stages in an e-procurement process. While these stages coincide with the traditional procurement cycle stages, they have adapted to be functional with modern e-procurement systems. Further modernization of the e-procurement process will be necessary in order to meet the climate ambitions set by organizations today.

The overarching process of the e-procurement process is e-informing. This matches all stages of a traditional procurement process and is thus something that procurement leaders might find themselves familiar with. E-informing is essentially the two-way exchange of proprietary information between your organization and external properties. The purpose of this is to optimize the e-procurement, as well as minimize mistakes and miscommunications throughout the e-procurement process.

Phase 1: E-sourcing

The first phase of e-procurement is called e-sourcing. E-sourcing matches with the traditional stages of requirement definition and sourcing. This is the stage in which your business would pre-qualify potential suppliers based on your requirements. Typically, vendors that appear to meet your requirements and expectations would be shortlisted for the following stages for further evaluation. With Rheaply’s software, you can pre-qualify suppliers much faster via a localized sharing community.

Phase 2: E-tendering

Next up is e-tendering. This is similar to the traditional stages of solicitation and evaluation. This occurs when you request information, proposals, and quotations from the vendors that have been shortlisted for evaluation. Your procurement team would then evaluate the suppliers to see if they match your needs and climate objectives.

Phase 3: E-auctioning

The last phase is e-auctioning. It is also known as e-reverse auctioning. The stage includes potential contracting, as you and the vendors involved would negotiate pricing as well as contract details. Due diligence is usually expected. If an agreement has been reached, you will then buy the goods or services from the vendor as per the signed contract.

The difference between e-auctioning and e-reverse auctioning is that in e-auctioning, many buyers are competing for a single supplier in bids. In an e-reverse auction, multiple suppliers will compete with one buyer, often by underbidding.

By implementing these phases of e-procurement into your company, you can enjoy a far more strategic, digitalized, and automated approach. Software can help you reduce the need for manual action, cut out paperwork, and even reduce the number of phone calls necessary for procurement. It can also make digital audits easier.

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Procurement software companies

SaaS companies offer procurement management software to improve organizations’ procurement process, especially bigger ones that might worry about their carbon footprint. Procurement systems include everything from procure to pay, and carbon accounting is often an issue due to a lack of transparency or apparent solutions.

Procurement software companies are here to offer those solutions for sustainability in procurement. Inefficient or traditional procurement processes in global supply chains have generated a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions all over the world. The ideal goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions would go a long way in deterring climate change.

Procurement automation

Change is, of course, easier said than done. But what if a software solution can make the procurement process not only create less waste but also become more efficient and fast through automation? Automation reduces the risk of human error by no longer requiring employees to manually enter in purchase orders or invoices by hand. Instead, they have generated automatically, done swiftly through templates, or through internal catalogs.

Automation is just one way that a procurement software company can bring value to your organization through various software solutions. Another benefit of procurement software is that it can provide your organization with added control and visibility. Transparency has historically been lacking in procurement processes, partly because of the difficulty in tracking every single thing efficiently and cost-effectively.

E-procurement can grant your organization centralized, digital access to your procurement data. This can help you see at a glance all the information you need and collect insights that can help your organization optimize cash flow, meet payment and invoice approval deadlines, and make changes that might be beneficial to your overall organization.

Top procurement software

The top procurement software can vary from organization to organization, industry to industry. If you are a large, enterprise-level organization, then you would benefit most from enterprise procurement software. Other factors that influence which software is optimal for you is what financial systems and accounting software you already use, so that you may be able to find a procurement software that does not disrupt your business’ pre-existing workflow.

Here are some examples of procurement systems software that you may want to consider obtaining software solutions from:


Rheaply offers some of the best procurement software for resource visibility, management, and visualization of impact. Its software features include letting you make data-driven decisions through sustainability, financial, and engagement reports. You can easily maximize your inventory value and manage all of your organization’s available items on a single platform.


A Rheaply partner, the Coupa company creates supply chain planning solutions, including a platform that can help your organization with sustainable business spend management and procurement transactions.. If you feel like there are daily frustrations that prevent your procurement process from being the most productive and successful it can be, Coupa procurement software may be able to help you achieve better operational results.


4castplus is a construction procurement software company that specializes in meeting and managing the heavy demands of construction projects. Purchasing and subcontracting can be difficult to track in the construction industry, which is why 4castplus integrates into your current projects and provides construction companies with a streamlined solution for project procurement. If you are looking for materials and equipment procurement optimization, 4castplus may be the choice for you. Contract terms, milestones, and cash flow plans can all be set up more easily through this procurement application software.

Bamboo Rose

Bamboo Rose offers popular order management software for retailers. Suppose you want furniture procurement software or grocery retailer software to improve visibility throughout your procurement process and facilitate your purchase order operations. In that case, Bamboo Rose’s platform may be able to help your retailer.

Procurement software for small business

A small business, which is usually classified as having fewer than 100 employees, simply does not operate the same way an enterprise does. A startup’s needs might not necessarily be met through purchasing software meant for larger-scale businesses that can meet the higher procurement software pricing requirements. While things like procurement compliance and the stages of e-procurement may remain the same, the way everything is carried out is not. Thus, different software for procurement may be needed.

So what do you need to look out for when it comes to procurement software for small businesses? There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing software. Things to consider include whether the software allows you to scale with its use, whether it is simple and easy to use, and has pricing that your organization can manage within your budget. Another thing to keep in mind is that perhaps your organization would benefit from a smaller, more specialized set of software features.

Example procurement for small businesses software includes Procurify and Precoro.

Procurify offers small businesses a procurement system that can be easily used and managed, whereas Procuro specifically provides cold chain management which is meant for companies that need assistance with managing their 3rd party cold storage/distribution centers, outbound delivery fleet, in-store cold storage, and more.

On the other hand, big corporations may be less worried about making ends meet. Instead, when there is a need for control, transparency, and convenience across the various channels of the large organization, reducing carbon footprint, and other concerns arise. In this case, procurement software for enterprises is critical to e-procurement success and sustainability.

At the end of the day, there are many procurement software options available to your organization. Some may be more beneficial than others based on your particular needs and priorities.

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