Introducing Rheaply’s Services

We like to think of Rheaply as more than a software platform. We don’t only provide the technology to jumpstart and facilitate reuse; we also support your team with end-to-end solutions for your resources. We provide hands-on support through the Rheaply services arm, which includes sustainability consulting and field services. 

Operationalizing reuse at your organization requires a comprehensive strategy and the support of multiple stakeholders. Making your reuse vision a reality will demand inputs such as leadership support for circularity, procurement intelligence, a culture of reuse, and circularity-focused finance planning, to name a few. Rheaply is here to support you throughout your journey to extend the life cycle of your valuable resources. 

Sustainability consulting 

Our sustainability consulting service helps your organization build effective reuse programs and strategies to set you up for success on the Rheaply platform while contributing to your organization’s ambitious sustainability goals. 

Our consulting engagement starts with understanding your organization’s goals, structure, roles, and processes. We then assess the current resource process flow and identify the most impactful use case for implementing the Rheaply platform. Lastly, we develop a reuse program plan leveraging your ideal resource process flow and activate your initiative alongside the Rheaply Platform.

Our suite of offerings guides your organization through our approach to implementing reuse:

  • Baselines – Evaluate your potential use cases for the Rheaply platform and determine which option presents the most impact. To do so, we collect data on your resources and calculate the cost savings, weight of waste diverted from landfill, and the estimated embodied carbon avoidance of your competing options.
  • Foundations – Lead your organization through the Rheaply Circularity Assessment, our proprietary questionnaire with 15 success indicators for organizational circularity. Following the assessment, we conduct a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify and engage internal departments and external partners that are critical for a successful reuse program.
  • Engagement – Conduct interviews with the key stakeholders internal and external to your organization. We gather information on stakeholder roles, attitudes towards reuse, your organization’s current process, and where pain points and opportunities exist. 
  • Strategy –  Develop a business case for reuse that showcases the ideal process flow for your resources. The business case includes success metrics and program goals, a data and reporting strategy, and a pilot use case to demonstrate the potential for reuse. 

Depending on your organization’s needs, the work you have completed to date, and the level of support to develop a reuse program, Rheaply will customize our offerings for your unique opportunities and challenges.  

Field Services 

Rheaply’s field services encompasses our white-glove offering to customers. These activities are necessary to maximize resource efficiency and overall efficacy. 

Rheaply field services may include inventory identification, cataloging, location enablement, and technology-assisted posting on our clients’ behalf. Clients who optimize these services are typically looking for a more hands-on approach to their reuse program – from concierge services to logistics coordination & extended partner collaboration in order to scale and fortify the marketplace.

This on-site support will help your organization expand and fortify your reuse and sustainability programs, improve warehouse operations, and help with the circulation and disposition of resources. See if this might be a good fit for your organization by beginning your free custom reuse assessment

Activate your resources

The demand for circular economy advancements is more pressing now than ever before. Rheaply is equipped with the technology solutions and deep subject matter expertise to help you operationalize reuse. Unlock the value of your resources and join our frontier of the climate fight. 

If you are interested in learning more about Rheaply’s services and how we can support you in your sustainability efforts, visit our Services page.


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