Ohio Materials Marketplace relaunches with new look, design

We are excited to formally announce the relaunch of the Ohio Materials Marketplace on Rheaply’s technology to facilitate the exchange of materials and hard-to-recycle items between businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations. Ohio-based businesses can post and find materials such as pallets, IBC totes, barrels/drums, and equipment for reuse as well as specialized industrious byproducts for recycling or recovery purposes.

A major upgrade to the previous launch in 2017, the Ohio Materials Marketplace will now help organizations connect with users at other nearby organizations, as well as facilitate potential resource exchanges. The new-look Ohio Materials Marketplace will also allow organizations to measure their impact – including weight recaptured from the landfill, embodied carbon avoidance, and cost savings. Users can access unique organizational profiles so that businesses can understand each other’s product and material inputs and outputs. This will help organizations and local governments measure where materials come from, and in listings with descriptions, how they are sourced. This kind of feedstock selection – selecting circular materials from a secure marketplace – is critically important from a resource visibility and waste reduction perspective.

This relaunch is part of Rheaply’s acquisition of the U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development’ Materials Marketplace, aimed to increase opportunity to create a more circular economy within the state of Ohio.

In 2023, 28M tons of waste was sent to Ohio landfills.  At these rates, Ohio’s landfills have approximately 32 years of capacity. Material diversion is an important way to keep usable material circulating in the economy and ensure the longevity of existing landfills.

  • Businesses and nonprofits on the Ohio Materials Marketplace: 349
  • Weight diverted on the Ohio Materials Marketplace through May, 2024: 227,065 lbs.
  • Value recaptured through the Ohio Materials Marketplace through May, 2024: $207,550

Rheaply is thrilled to help Ohio transition from a linear economy to a circular economy with technology at the core.

“It’s encouraging to know where we are now in terms of the amount of items and materials that have been redirected away from landfills because of this initiative. In a short time, we have done so much. With that said, we have a long way to go. Rheaply’s new platform for Ohio Materials Marketplace will allow us to easier connect with even more entities around the state. Along with picking up the tab for all transaction fees for Ohio users, Ohio EPA and our partners are dedicated to getting the word out, doing what we can, and continuing to build off this program’s amazing success.”
Anne Vogel
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Case Study: Rehoming the Cleveland Guardians’ Progressive Field Office Furniture

At the end of 2023, the Cleveland Guardians, APB and Associates and Good Banks NEO, facilitated donations on Rheaply’s platform to local-area nonprofits after decommissioning their office buildings adjacent to Progressive Field. More than 75,000 lbs. of furniture and office items were diverted from the landfill in just two days. Beyond the sustainability win, over 20 community nonprofits benefitted from the items bound for the landfill, including the Footpath Foundation, which connect local youth to outdoor experiences they would not otherwise have; We Think 4 A Change, which empowers individuals and urban communities impacted by HIV/AIDS; and The Musketeer Association, which focuses on support for healing and trauma victims. Learn more about Cleveland Guardians’ Progressive Field Reimagined Project

Create your Rheaply account

Ohio-based businesses and nonprofits interested in redistributing items such as workplace furniture, fixtures, equipment, building materials, or hard-to-recycle materials and waste products can connect with their business neighbors via the link below. Sign up to create your account and get full access to all of the region’s available listings and unlock the ability to post listings of your own for things you no longer need in the workspace.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to https://rheaply.com/cities/oh/ohio/
  2. Complete the sign up form 
  3. You’ll receive an email from Rheaply to set up your account and verify your business
  4. List your first item through the “Create” button
  5. Browse for items and make an offer!


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