Rheaply’s 2023 Reuse Recap

At Rheaply, we’re building a community where every workplace resource finds its next, best use. By combining smart inventory management software with a rich network of connected marketplaces, Rheaply puts reuse on the table for every business.

Here’s a recap of reuse on Rheaply in 2023:

There were 2,472 reuse moments between Rheaply users! During those moments, our community moved 29,924 assets. 

By checking Rheaply first instead of buying new, Rheaply customers saved $4,111,681.

$2,476,396 worth of furniture and other workplace assets were donated to local community groups and nonprofits in need.

Rheaply’s ecosystem of buyers, refurbishment and upcycling partners, nonprofits and more ensures that idle assets don’t meet a landfill fate. Together we diverted 1,600,814 lbs. of workplace assets and materials from landfills.

Categories with the most weight diverted:

Embodied carbon refers to the carbon emitted by the manufacturing, extraction, transportation, maintenance, and disposal of building materials and products. When items are reused on Rheaply, we can measure how much embodied carbon was able to be avoided.

CSM Austin Randolph with our client partners at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

We know that launching a reuse program takes patience, persistence, and support. We are so proud to share that in a December survey, 100% of our customers found our Customer Success team to be “very helpful” in supporting their engagement on Rheaply.


Rheaply gets called to the majors

Reuse hit the big leagues when APB & Associates, the Owner’s Representative for the Cleveland Guardians’ Progressive Field Renovation Project, donated furniture through Rheaply’s Ohio Materials Marketplace in December. 1,400 pieces of office furniture were donated to 23 local area nonprofits resulting in over 75,000 lbs of perfectly good furniture avoiding the landfill. The reuse community in Ohio has the bases loaded with strong support from the Ohio EPA, Green Sports Alliance, and Good Bank NEO. Talk about a grand slam!

Almost 1 million people listened to my message about the critical role cities play in fighting the climate crisis.

If you haven’t yet, you can here!

To put my message at TED into action, we launched public reuse marketplaces across the country including the Bay Area, the New York Tri-state, Washington, D.C., Ohio, and our home city of Chicago.

We had the pleasure of getting to know 386 resource reuse enthusiasts at Circularity, IFMA, and Greenbuild. Be sure to say hi to us again at these conferences in 2024!

From launching new features that improve how users collaborate and communicate on Rheaply to the daily enhancements to spark customer delight, we made so many changes to our platform in 2023.

Read all of our release notes here.
Rheaply’s success is dependent upon the collective drive, intelligence, curiosities and contributions of all of our team members. We recognize that our people are our most valuable assets. And 2023 was a great year for the people who make all of this impact possible.


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