Turning every city into a circular city

November 13, 2023
YouTube video

A comprehensive walkthrough of the Public Reuse Marketplace

Keller Knoll, Customer Success Manager and Stuart Vanden Hueval, Sustainability Program Manager join the Valley of the Sun Deconstruction/Reuse Work Group, a private group that includes government administrations, building construction, and retail building materials experts in the Phoenix area to spotlight deconstruction, reuse & sustainability progress, plans & goals as models for local consideration & implementation.

Perfect for construction and building materials professionals, this presentation will show you

• Rheaply’s circular cities and regional reuse marketplace programs in the US that contribute to the circular economy by offering a place for businesses to donate, buy, or sell furniture, fixtures, building materials, and other workplace items to fulfill any project.

• How existing reuse programs are diverting millions of pounds of waste from landfills – retaining and recirculating value in the local economy, and displacing critical embodied carbon emissions in the process.

Meet the panelists

Keller Knoll

Customer Success Manager

Stu Vanden Heuvel

Sustainability Program Manager

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