Reimagining Inclusive Economic Mobility with Forefront

February 22, 2021

With events such as pandemics, civil uprisings, political scandals, and major climate events taking place on a seemingly consistent basis, the urgency to design new economic models that are regenerative in nature and break the chains of the current take-make-waste approach is critical for social, environmental, and economic stability.

This webinar from Forefront features leading Circular Chicago Coalition members from the private and social sector discussing why Chicago is uniquely positioned to take forward an inclusive circular economy agenda and how Circular Chicago can be a potential blueprint for economic growth and racial equity for Illinois as a whole.

Panelists share their insights into what a Circular City is and how it compares to the current linear economic model, how racial justice and economic mobility feature prominently in an inclusive circular city, and how the private and public sector can collaborate to be equitable partners in the circular transition.

YouTube video

Sabira Lakhani, Product Manager, Rheaply
Jonathan Pereira, Executive Director, Plant Chicago
Peter Perrault, Senior Manager, Circular Economy & Sustainable Solutions Sustainability, Enel North America
Renay Loper, VP of Program Innovation, PYXERA Global (Moderator)

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