November 2022 Product Corner


As the year comes to a close, our Product team is busy working on internal-facing and behind-the-scenes improvements to Rheaply. We’ll continue to share the few external-facing updates completed during this time.

Value available

Value identified is now ‘value available’ everywhere that applies on the platform. 

Updated name only for accuracy, there is no change to how it works or is calculated. 

  • Report title name
  • Report description
  • Tooltips

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Tyler Skelton

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Tyler Skelton is a very accomplished front-web designer with over 10 years of formal experience in environments such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and multiple other design suites. Before Rheaply, Tyler was a Senior User Experience and User Interface Designer at Guaranteed Rate where he led all front-end architecture product development. Prior to joining Guaranteed Rate, he held similar positions in both established and startup web development firms, including Analyte Health, Palantir, The Nines, and Alloy Education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications, Design and Production from Indiana University.

Discover more product updates and feature releases here.