May 2022 Product Corner

Features launched


Sellers now have the flexibility to accept in-app payments using a credit card or direct payment.


Buyers and Sellers now have an enhanced way to manage transactions from Offer to Exchange.

Estimated embodied carbon avoided reporting

This report shows the estimated embodied carbon avoided from exchanged items within organizations. 

Download data 

Admins now have the ability to download their organization’s report data and listings data.



  • Reduce fuzziness of search
  • Exact match search
  • Removed description
  • Changed the weight of what gets searched


  • Add tags filter
    • Ability to filter by previously created tags
    • Explore listings, rentals, requests
    • Offers
  • Add autocomplete to tags on create form
    • Show previously created & used tags

Estimated embodied carbon avoided reporting bug fix

  • Report will be updated to account for internal exchanges only

Tyler Skelton

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Tyler Skelton is a very accomplished front-web designer with over 10 years of formal experience in environments such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and multiple other design suites. Before Rheaply, Tyler was a Senior User Experience and User Interface Designer at Guaranteed Rate where he led all front-end architecture product development. Prior to joining Guaranteed Rate, he held similar positions in both established and startup web development firms, including Analyte Health, Palantir, The Nines, and Alloy Education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications, Design and Production from Indiana University.