June 2022 Product Corner

Features launched

Tags Enhancements

Allows users to see and select from existing tags when creating a post and when creating in bulk. Enables filter by tags when browsing and managing posts. 

This helps organizations avoid erroneous duplicate tags (i.e equipment and equitment), find, and manage large groups of listings that use tags.

Allows users to see and select from existing tags managing listings and offers in the exchange center. 

This helps sellers and buyers find and manage groups of listings that use tags.

Dynamic Listings for Building Materials 

What this includes:

  • Added Building Materials categories to Rheaply standard list. These can be toggled on for any Organization / Instance via the Admin panel.
  • Added support to capture & display Building Materials specific data for any Listing / Rental / Request associated with a Building Materials category


Tags autocomplete: Add autocomplete to tags input on create post forms

Tags filter: Add tags filter for posts in listings, rentals, & requests

Search Offers by Tags: Add support for searching Offers by Tag(s) [UI to come later]

Auditing tags, photos, and documents: Add support for auditing tags, photos, and documents for Listings, Rentals, and Requests

Location deletion endpoint: Improves backend ability to delete locations

Category form field search: Save time and clicks by searching for a category instead of navigating to it

Plural post titles: Add plural posts titles for posts manage and exchange center pages

Join Platform Inquiry: Add Join Platform Inquiry endpoint

Categories UX update: Fix UX issue for categories field on post create form

Tag Search update: Tag Search should only find Tags within the context of the Posts that appear

Tyler Skelton

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Tyler Skelton is a very accomplished front-web designer with over 10 years of formal experience in environments such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and multiple other design suites. Before Rheaply, Tyler was a Senior User Experience and User Interface Designer at Guaranteed Rate where he led all front-end architecture product development. Prior to joining Guaranteed Rate, he held similar positions in both established and startup web development firms, including Analyte Health, Palantir, The Nines, and Alloy Education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications, Design and Production from Indiana University.