December 2022 Product Corner


As the year comes to a close, our Product and Engineering teams are busy focusing on internal-facing and behind-the-scenes improvements to Rheaply. You may have seen an email from us regarding scheduled platform maintenance.

Here’s a quick recap of what we accomplished during this maintenance:

  • Upgrades to our cloud infrastructure
  • Upgrades to ensure we continue to comply with the latest SOC2 security requirements
  • Upgrades to refactor our databases and codebase to allow for improved scalability and performance

These changes to the “bones” of Rheaply will help make your user experience, as well as the experience of our internal teams, more secure and streamlined.

Rheaply team members discussing updates to the platform at a company meeting.
The Rheaply team discussing updates to the platform

Keep an eye out in 2023 for some major feature releases and product updates from our team to help bring circularity to every business.

Discover more product updates and feature releases here.

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