Enabling the Circular Economy with Carbotnic

April 26, 2021

Garry Cooper, CEO and cofounder of Rheaply met with James McWalter, host of the Carbotnic podcast and discussed how a cart in a university laboratory was the genesis for Rheaply, how we are targeting the $630 billion of underutilized US asset capacity, the future of the circular economy, the importance of market place dynamics and gamification design principles to their product, how he thinks about customer feedback and shipping product, and much more!

Carbotnic Podcast: Enabling the Circular Economy

Listen to this episode of the Carbotnic Podcast below or wherever you stream podcasts.

About Carbotnic

Carbotnic is a weekly podcast hosted by James McWalter to explore various cleantech and ways to decarbonize the economy at various scales.

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