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Make reuse programs more accessible and effective by connecting into Rheaply’s nexus of technology, industry, and community partners.

Partnership Types


Empower reuse at scale by collaborating on a range of solutions including enterprise asset management, third party logistics, or internet of things connectivity. Become a Technology Partner.

Receive enhanced user and asset data for resource reuse
Access spend analysis and waste diversion data
Improve resource discoverability across your value chain


Join a circular economy in motion within your organization, customers, or suppliers by becoming an Industry Partner.

Access to Rheaply secondary market and ecosystem data
Fast track measurement and achievement of climate commitments
Create a resource network effect for customer or supplier base


Create connections with businesses in your community who share your interest in diverting waste from landfill and saving money through reuse of valuable resources. Become a Community Partner.

Gain entry to community-led initiatives around reuse
Create a digital shared network of reuse operations for your organization
Help your community boost environmental, social, and financial resiliency
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  • Industry
  • Community

We’re excited to work Rheaply to help us maximize the potential of our EcoServ program; our system for decommissioning used office furniture is now a system of circularity.

Dale Ewing

Owner, InstallNET International, Inc

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