NYC Climate Week 2023

Rheaply is taking NYC Climate Week 2023 by storm! Come find us championing the power of reuse to have a positive impact on climate change at any and all of these Climate Week events.

Emerson Collective Presents: Climate Science Fair on the Highline

See Rheaply’s exhibit in the Climate Science Fair taking place on the Highline–a collection of 10 innovative solutions that will ignite optimism and meaningful conversations about the future of the climate and our communities. We’ll showcase how reuse can reduce global carbon emissions as we work to build truly circular cities where every resource finds its next, best use.

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IKEA’s Action Speaks Summit

Learn all about Rheaply’s work with built environment materials across our public reuse marketplaces from our exhibition in the Action Speaks Summit at 99 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. This exhibition includes immersive displays highlighting real solutions that are in play today as well as a series of dialogues to inspire long term change.

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation NYC Climate Week Breakfast Briefing

Headed to the EMF Breakfast Briefing on September 19? Look out for Rheaply’s own senior sustainability manager Emma Hopson who is attending to make connections and spread the word about our exciting work on our Public Reuse Marketplaces.

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  • Where: New York City, New York
  • When: September 17 - September 24, 2023
  • Type: Conference