Manufacturing Education Series: IT Hardware & Electronics

The United Nations projects $91B in lost market value due to insufficient electronic recycling. Electronic devices contain a number of valuable materials such as gold and copper, and only a fraction is recovered in an environmentally sound way.  Adopting circular business models presents a unique opportunity for businesses to create value, lower environmental and human health impact, and generate profitability.


In our fourth education series for manufacturers, join Rheaply for a discussion on how Digital Product Passports (DPPs) and Digital Twin Technology is evolving to become an effective solution to expand the useful life of IT Hardware and other electronic equipment.


We’ll discuss ways to automate electronic lifecycle decisions, incorporate product life extension (PLE) designs, and ways to plan ahead for end-of0life through proper recovery and disassembly, activating an ecosystem of IT asset disposition (ITAD) and electronic equipment recycling partners.


In this session, we will explore how to: 


  • Utilize AI to quickly create a digital record of all electronics at “first life”
  • Activate new end-markets, including ecosystem partners that specialize in donation, simplification of disassembly, or recovery of precious metals or hard-to-recycle AV/IT equipment
  • Institute Digital Product Passports (DPPs) for electronics while using a Product-as-a-service (PAAS) model


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other cross-industry stakeholders implementing circular strategies to address this circular opportunity for electronics.

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  • When: September 12, 2024
  • Type: Education Series
  • Access: Virtual