Green Circular Transition

Green Circular Transition is a public funded project which allows 450 Danish businesses to get help developing more circular business models. As part of this project,  they are creating a workshop series which provides companies with international outlook and inspiration. Attending companies are in the midst of creating more circular business models and represent design/consumer goods, tourism, build environment, manufacturing, and food industries.  

The focus for this upcoming workshop is all about different ways to leverage and enable circular economy through digitalization and online platforms. Many companies struggle to imagine how to use digital tools as part of their circular transition. Their business models being very different, many are looking at intelligent ways to internally spur circularity by digitalization efforts, while others are looking a digitalizing their business mode to provide digital reuse solutions to their clients.
This presentation from Rheaply’s Chief Impact Officer Garr Punnett will also focus on what smaller companies should consider if they are considering developing a platform solution or applying one, the kind of barriers typically encountered that might be relevant for them to consider, and implementation guidelines for getting started.

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  • When: September 15, 2022
  • Type: Webinar
  • Access: Virtual