Rheaply partners with Jellyvision to give unused office equipment a good home

SaaS tech companies come together to repurpose unused office furniture and equipment to businesses who need it most.

CHICAGO, IL, March 11, 2019 — Rheaply is excited to announce a partnership with Jellyvision, an award-winning technology company and maker of benefits communication software ALEX®. Jellyvision will be using Rheaply’s resource exchange to donate unused office equipment and furniture to local organizations and businesses who need it most.

The Jellyvision team together on their annual Mustache Day celebration.

The partnership is in support of Rheaply’s broader mission to help organizations get the most use out of their existing assets by facilitating cross-functional and cross-organizational resource sharing.

“Jellyvision’s offices are drowning with old technology and equipment like used computers, cables, adapters, desks, and chairs,” said Eli Golden, Director of IT at Jellyvision. “In the past we have either donated, recycled, or sold this equipment — but who knows where the equipment is actually going. Rheaply gives us an internal network of businesses, schools, hospitals, or other organizations that have a specific need for our unused equipment. It’s a win-win for Jellyvision and the organizations who receive our repurposed appliances: we reduce our clutter and provide free appliances to those who need it most.”

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Rheaply captures the most value our of existing internal assets and improves asset visibility between workplace locations

Rheaply began as way to address underutilized resources in R&D. CEO and Co-founder Garry Cooper surveyed 120 academic researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago who expressed the desire to sell extra laboratory provisions in surplus. After a successful pilot with Northwestern University Feinberg School, Rheaply is being used by leading organizations as a way to capture the value out of their existing assets and resources, whether that’s by better utilizing the items already in possession or becoming more aware third party organizations in need of those resources.

Rheaply’s platform goes a step further to make sure the landfill is left out of the equation by providing a suite of on-site listing, rental services, and if necessary, liquidation services.

“Jellyvision is a market leader in technology, people, and culture,” said Cooper. By partnering with Rheaply, Jellyvision sets the standard for how leading technology companies should think about their impact on their community and the environment while operationalizing cost savings and efficiencies. We couldn’t be happier to have Jellyvision as a part of the growing companies designing out waste and inefficiencies through Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager.”

Jellyvision CEO Amanda Lannert sees the partnership as an opportunity to connect to and support the growing Chicago tech scene and surrounding communities.

“Our mantra at Jellyvision is straightforward: be helpful. For this reason, we’re extremely excited to partner with Rheaply to donate electronics, appliances, and furniture that need a good home,” said Jellyvision CEO, Amanda Lannert. “To support an organization that helps the greater Chicago tech and business community by providing them with the equipment they need to grow seems like a natural fit and a great opportunity.”

For more information about Rheaply or to learn how you can make better use of your surplus resources, visit www.rheaply.com.

For more information about Jellyvision, visit www.jellyvision.com.

About Jellyvision

Jellyvision is an award-winning technology company whose interactive benefits communications software, ALEX, talks people through complicated yet important life decisions…everything from choosing health insurance to saving for retirement to taking a leave of absence. More than 1,500 companies, including 114 of the Fortune 500 and two-fifths of the country’s largest companies, use ALEX to help their employees make smart choices about their benefits and their pay in a way that’s unbiased, transparent, and human. To learn more, visit www.jellyvision.com.

About Rheaply

Rheaply is on a mission to help every organization get the most use and value out of their existing assets and resources. Rheaply is modernizing asset management with a SaaS platform that provides a complete picture of how assets are being utilized. Rheaply streamlines efforts related to the recognition, curation and redistribution of existing assets and resources, creating a win-win for the bottom line and the planet. For more information, visit www.rheaply.com. To schedule a demo, visit www.rheaply.com/schedule-a-demo.


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