Sustainability Spotlight: Rheaply featured in Citi’s Annual ESG Report

Rheaply is proud to be featured in Citi’s Annual ESG Report! Rheaply is recognized through the Citi Impact Fund, which is on a mission to catalyze change by investing directly into “double bottom line” startups—companies that not only prioritize profits but also tackle society’s most pressing challenges.

Particularly praise-worthy highlights within this report include:

      • Financing the low carbon transition – Citi reached $441.2B toward $1 trillion sustainable finance goal since 2020

      • Net zero – Citi sources 100% renewable electricity for operations and facilities, and achieved 30%–50% reductions in waste, water and energy use last year

      • Supplier Diversity – Citi invested $1B in certified diverse suppliers


    Sustainable decommisions for financial institutions

    Looking to maximize sustainability for your organization by enabling more informed purchases and resource recovery? See how the financial sector can extend resource lifetime value with our tech-enabled decommissioning.


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