Introducing the Seattle Reuse Marketplace

Seattle, meet Rheaply.

We’re proud to launch the Rheaply Reuse Marketplace in Seattle with the support of Google! Google’s commitment to sustainability and community empowerment has been instrumental in bringing this platform to life. Together we’re creating a network that fosters collaboration, reduces waste, and promotes a greener, more sustainable Seattle. At the heart of Seattle’s Reuse Marketplace is a mission to foster a circular economy, where resources are utilized to their fullest potential, minimizing waste and maximizing community benefit. The Seattle Reuse Marketplace is a digital community where members can easily connect, exchange, and repurpose their organization’s assets, contributing to a more circular and efficient local sharing economy.

Why Seattle?

Seattle, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, has long been a pioneer in sustainability efforts. From reducing waste to promoting eco-friendly practices; Seattleites have shown a deep commitment to protecting our planet. With the Rheaply Reuse Marketplace, we aim to support Seattle’s sustainability goals by providing a platform for the local community to exchange and repurpose resources easily. Seattle is now home to a groundbreaking digital exchange platform.

What is the Rheaply Reuse Marketplace?

The Rheaply Reuse Marketplace is built with the needs of architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate professionals in mind and was designed to facilitate the reuse of valuable resources within organizations and across communities. Rheaply’s focus on construction materials, building products, and workplace resources means our marketplace is perfect for organizations leveraging reuse to meet their business needs. The platform also tracks metrics related to weight and embodied carbon to understand the true environmental impact of the marketplace. Whether it’s office equipment, furniture, or surplus materials, the Marketplace connects those with resources to spare to those who can put them to good use. 

"We're excited to support Rheaply's expansion of the Circular Cities marketplaces. Maximizing the lifespan of products and materials is a critical tool for reducing waste and lowering emissions, and Rheaply's platform will help advance these efforts in Seattle."

Want to get involved? Here are 3 ways you can immediately put the Seattle Reuse Marketplace to work for your business or organization.

1. Create your account.

Organizations can easily search for items they need and list items they no longer have a use for or have in excess. Any employee of any business, government entity, or nonprofit can gain access to the Seattle Reuse Marketplace for free. Sign up to create your account, and once you’re verified and approved, you can access all of the available listings on the marketplace, make offers on listings, and post your listings.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the signup form
  3. Once approved, you’ll receive an email from Rheaply to set up your account
  4. Create a listing or browse for items and make an offer

For Seattle businesses looking to donate or sell surplus inventory

Have extra building materials you no longer need? You’re in good company. Roughly 77% of the organizations using the Seattle Reuse Marketplace today are small business (69%) and nonprofits (8%).

The Seattle Reuse Marketplace offers two avenues for redistributing surplus and reclaimed building materials and products. You can post your items for sale to recover their value and open a new revenue stream for your business, or you can post the items for free to move them quickly or make meaningful donations to local nonprofits in need.

When you create your listings you’re in control of how you’d like to fulfill your exchanges. Designate local pickup only if you’d like your buyer or donation recipients to retrieve items onsite, or choose your preferred shipping or delivery method.

Leverage Rheaply’s in-app messaging features to communicate with interested buyers or donation recipients, answer any questions they might have about your items, coordinate pickup schedules, and more.

For more tips on creating engaging listings on the Seattle Reuse Marketplace, check out these articles:


For Seattle nonprofits seeking donations

When you don’t have to spend valuable dollars on resources for your organization, you have more to invest in your mission. The Seattle Reuse Marketplace is a fabulous place to find high-quality items.

If you find an organization with items similar to what you’re looking for, you can use Rheaply’s in-app messaging to share more about your specific donation needs.

2. Browse what’s available on the Seattle Reuse Marketplace.

We might be a bit partial, but there are some incredibly practical items available on the Rheaply platform in the Seattle area (check it out for yourself).

3. Tell your business connections about the Seattle Reuse Marketplace.

The Seattle Reuse Marketplace is as strong as the organizations that participate, and the more people using the platform, the more powerful it becomes. The best way to supercharge the circular economy in the Seattle Area is to invite your colleagues and business partners to join the marketplace, too. You can create your own referral link here. Bookmark theSeattle Reuse Marketplace signup page so you can easily share it with your colleagues!

Join us in building a sustainable Seattle

Seattle’s Reuse Marketplace is more than just an exchange platform; it’s a vibrant community of like-minded professionals dedicated to reducing environmental impact. After setting up your organization, stay tuned for further circularity education and engagement opportunities from Rheaply and our partners!

We invite organizations and individuals across Seattle to join us in building a more sustainable future. Whether you’re a business, non-profit, educational institution, or individual, the Rheaply Reuse Marketplace provides a platform to make a positive impact. Let’s work together to reduce waste, promote reuse, and create a greener, more vibrant Seattle.

Visit the Rheaply Reuse Marketplace Seattle to learn more and start exploring today!


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