Sustainability Spotlight: Check out Citi’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report

At Rheaply, we believe that every business and every employee plays a mission-critical role in combating climate change and ensuring our planet is a safe, equitable, and healthy place for generations to come. No matter where your organization might be on its sustainability journey, you have something to contribute, and a series of small actions can add up to meaningful change.

We also like to celebrate when companies, especially large corporations, go above and beyond as leaders and innovators for social and environmental impact.

So we’re pointing a sustainability spotlight on Citi, who just released their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for 2022. Particularly praise-worthy highlights include:

  • Sustainable finance – Citi has committed to supporting renewable energy, clean technology, and more to the tune of $1 trillion globally by 2030
  • Net zero – They’ve announced targets to reduce emissions by 2030 for four new loan portfolio sectors, auto manufacturing, commercial real estate, steel, and thermal coal mining
  • 100% renewable electricity – Citi maintained 100% renewable electricity for their sites and facilities

It’s also worth noting that in December, Citi expanded their Citi Impact Fund to $500 million invested in companies that deliver financial and social returns with a particular focus on companies founded by women and people of color.

In 2022, Rheaply received an investment from the Citi Impact Fund, and we’re proud to see our work reflected in this ESG report as a result (check out page 45 to see for yourself).

We recognize that sustainability in business is a journey, and each company is at their own point. If an impact at Citi’s level feels out of reach for your company, start smaller. This blog post, 3 steps to reducing carbon emissions at your organization, might be an easier entry point.


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