Our Top 5 Circularity20 presentations

Circularity20 may be over, but the lessons and takeaways from GreenBiz’s annual circular economy conference are still fresh in our minds. We were incredibly moved by many of this year’s presentations. The conference had a TON of content to help participants think more deeply about circularity and reuse. Continue on to view the top five presentation picks from the Rheaply team.

5 Circularity20 presentations to watch

While all of the presentations and panels at Circularity20 stood out to us, there were a few that kept our team thinking. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we put together our five favorite presentations that you should view or bookmark for later. Let’s dive in!

1. How to tell a successful circular story that sticks

Mike Hower of thinkPARALLAX, Devin Giles of International Paper, and Tamay Kiper of McDonough Innovation join together for this panel discussion on how organizations can effectively communicate their circular initiatives without confusing or alienating customers and stakeholders. This is a great watch for those who champion circularity and sustainability within their own organizations.

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2. Solving food waste and hunger go hand in hand

Jasmine Crowe, CEO of Goodr, elaborates on how and why she started Goodr. Based in the Atlanta, Georgia metro, Goodr implements a circular model to take otherwise wasted food and provide it to the communities most in need. She began scaling her work in 2017 and now provides a platform for restaurants and other food producers to get their surplus food to people facing hunger.

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3. How to design for the future

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, is interviewed by GreenBiz Director & Senior Analyst Lauren Phipps in this discussion about how to design for the future. This conversation is eye-opening and brings about hope for a brighter tomorrow. Tim shares his views about the necessity of designing not just products but systems that work for everyone. The perspective on human-centered design will get you to start thinking about inclusion as a design feature.

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4. Bioutilization in action

This panel brings together three bioutilization experts and a GreenBiz moderator to discuss how biomaterials are being used as a practical means of sustainable packaging and production. Byproducts from algae, mushrooms, and pineapples have applications beyond what you may expect and these businesses present how these materials present unique opportunities in circularity and how it’s being brought to scale.

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5. Network Effect: From Neurocircuits to Circular Economies

Our final presentation is from Rheaply’s very own CEO, Garry Cooper. In this presentation he explains how structuring circular economies like a neural network enables our transition from linear use, lowers risk, and helps reach circular innovation more quickly. We may be biased, but this one is a must watch.

YouTube video

The recap

Although Circularity20 has come and gone, these presentations should excite you on the circular economy and innovation in sustainability for the future. We were extremely proud to be a part of this event. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, however. There are dozens of presentations and panels that can be found in the Circularity20 Archive or on GreenBiz’s YouTube channel.

As you enjoy these presentations, it may be helpful to think about the work you are doing to progress sustainability and circularity in your own organization or daily life. Rheaply’s resource exchange is one of a few solutions out there to consider. Register for an account today to request a demo for more information.


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