3 Ways to use Rheaply’s Bay Area Marketplace for reuse

It’s an exciting day in the Bay–Rheaply is proud to officially announce our free-to-join Public Reuse Marketplace in the Bay Area! Think of it like a Craigslist meets buy-nothing group for businesses where you can donate, buy, or sell furniture, fixtures, building materials, and other workplace items to fulfill any project. Finally, reuse at scale is possible, and the Bay Area Marketplace is a prime example of what a circular city can be.

Originally conceived in late 2021 with the City of San Francisco and the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, this year, the Bay Area Marketplace found a sponsor in a large tech employer headquartered in the area. The sponsorship supercharged growth on the platform with more than 60 organizations participating (and growing!) and more than 130 public listings to date.

Now, businesses of all sizes can keep valuable products and material in use, reduce costs and landfill waste, and reach their sustainability goals, together. Join trailblazing organizations including major design firms like Gensler, construction companies like Webcor Builders and Urban Machine, local reuse nonprofits like The ReUse People, innovative small businesses like Tom’s Discount Office Furniture, and many, many more who are building the local circular economy in the Bay Area.

Want to get involved? There are 3 ways you can use the Bay Area Marketplace to your advantage, right away.

Create your account

The best way to make the most of the Bay Area Marketplace is to dive in head first. Sign up to create your account and get full access to all of the available listings and unlock the ability to post listings of your own.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to rheaply.com/cities/ca/bay-area/
  2. Complete the sign up form 
  3. You’ll receive an email from Rheaply to set up your account
  4. List your first item through the “Create” button
  5. Browse for items and make an offer!

Rheaply’s platform is built with the needs of architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate professionals in mind. Rheaply’s focus on construction and building materials and workplace resources means our marketplace is perfect for organizations that want to leverage reuse to meet their business needs. We also track metrics related to weight and embodied carbon to understand the true environmental impact of the marketplace.

If you’re an organization that has a lot of surplus items you’d like to distribute, you’ll also find the Bay Area Marketplace has many non-profit organizations ready and eager to claim your donations, giving those assets a second life and keeping them from the landfill.

Likewise, if you’re a non-profit located in the Bay Area, joining Rheaply’s Public Reuse Marketplace is a no-brainer. Tap into a network and community of local businesses who can help support your operations with the materials and supplies you need.

Browse available listings

We might be biased, but there are some seriously cool and incredibly useful items on the Rheaply Platform in the Bay Area (see for yourself). Let’s take a look at a few examples…

Remodeling projects

Have 1000 square feet of space in need of new carpet? Snag these clean carpet tiles in San Francisco for free.

Working on a construction or renovation project in need of a great story and some beautiful lumber? These 1930s old growth clear heart redwood beams for $18/foot in San Carlos could be yours.

Want to make the entire Rheaply marketing team incredibly jealous? Pick up this cast iron Le Cornue stove with a copper hood from Oakland.

Cast iron Le Cornue stove in eggplant

Workspace updates

Do your office’s cubicles need a modern update? There are 48 Green Herman Miller visors available…for free! While you’re at it, you can pick up 27 Knoll Desk Tops for free, too, all in San Leandro.

And if your team is ready to take some new wheels for a spin, this listing for 125 Office Star 2400E chairs at $179 a piece in Santa Clara can help.

You can also keep your colleagues hydrated with these Elkay Water Fountains for $50 in Oakland.

Electronics and technology

For the audio enthusiast or expert in your workplace, these Yamaha studio monitors for $300 in Berkeley could make a big difference.

Also in Berkeley are these 4 ceiling-mounted projector screens for $300 each, great for an office, school, or anyplace you need to upgrade your presentation abilities.

Help spread the word

The Bay Area Marketplace is as strong as the organizations that participate, and the more people using the platform, the more powerful it becomes.

The best way to add value to the reuse community in your area is to invite your colleagues and neighbors to join.

If you need some help or inspiration, check out our Media Kit with hashtags, social media post copy, and language you can copy-paste and distribute to your network.

Made it all the way to the end of this post and you still haven’t signed up to join the Bay Area Marketplace? What are you waiting for? Join us today!

Located in another city and feeling wistful about this whole endeavor? Sign up for Circular Cities in your area.


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