Take the Reuse Pledge

Are you a candidate, elected leader, or public official interested in creating a more sustainable, circular, and efficient economic model for all? Take the pledge to support reuse efforts in your community and across the globe.

The Pledge:

I commit to supporting policies and legislation that promote the circular economy and sustainability in my community and across the globe, in order to lower the amount of unnecessary waste sent to landfills or polluting the environment. 

How to Take the Pledge:

1. Use our graphic or create your own to share your signing of the pledge. 

Rheaply Reuse Pledge Sharable Graphic

2. Post the photo, video, or graphic on your social media accounts and/or website with the hashtag #PledgeToReuse.

3. Fill out THIS FORM to notify Rheaply that you have signed the pledge.

Why take the pledge?

Taking this pledge means that you will adopt a policy of supporting circular efforts within your jurisdiction. This pledge was born from the European Union’s Circular Economy Action plan which promises a “cleaner and more competitive Europe.” This is a model that should be adopted globally to reduce carbon emissions, physical & solid waste, and create more sustainable systems for businesses, governments, and organizations. 

Read our full guide to the circular economy right here.


of the 100+ billion tons of material consumed every year cycle back into the system

C&D Recycling Industry projected to be responsible for the direct support of 28,000 US Jobs


The EU Climate Action plan will limit landfilling rates to 10% by 2030

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