Choose exactly who sees your listings with custom rules and permissions

Control who can see what you have available. Limit your storefront to internal reuse only, or open it up to trusted partners, non-profits, and vendors.

Data and reporting to measure your return on reuse

Access rich impact reports like weight diverted from landfill and embodied carbon avoided. Track cost savings or sales from every resource exchange and watch your reuse solution pay for itself.

Decommissions without the stress

Secure the highest and best next use for your decommissioned assets with our boots-on-the-ground service. Reclaim value from your decommissioned assets and control who sees them, who can get them, and where they end up.
By clicking Create Account below you acknowledge that your organization has current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, confirm that all donations will result in a public good of the use of requested items, and agree to release Rheaply and the donating organization from and to assume any and all liabilities and expenses for the removal, transport, use and disposal of items including any and all licenses and permits that may be required.