Rheaply Happy Hour: Building a Circular City

What if you could obtain resources for your city’s next community center with decommissioned materials from offices down the street? What if you could avoid unreliable supply chains and build faster while affordably diverting waste from your local landfill? What if you could reuse everything around you and reclaim revenue at the same time? 

You can.

Rheaply’s CEO and founder, Dr. Garry Cooper, wants to continue this conversation he started from the TED stage with you. 

Having founded Rheaply in Chicago, Garry deeply understands how cities are essential players in growing the circular economy. But we need your support. 

Join us for a happy hour with fellow business owners, municipality leaders, and neighbors who love Seattle just as much as you do. Learn how your organization can benefit from the endless value of a localized reuse marketplace that can save money, time and create jobs. 

About the venue: 

On Seattle’s gritty, historic “Auto Row,” an old BMW showroom was transformed into a true mixed-use residential space and Redhook Brewlab. The semicircular entry plaza wanted paving that would respect the historic façade and be tough enough to not feel “precious.” Thus, recycling broken slabs of sidewalk mix with brick and rubble chinking to create a neutral but character-rich paving field. At the entries to the courtyard on the quieter streets, reclaimed timbers were repurposed into seating set on I-beams. At the north/south connection, a screen separating an adjacent bar’s outdoor patio utilizes found objects – including motorcycle wheels – to reference the site’s history and mask both shoring and a gritty CMU wall beyond. The Rheaply team couldn’t be more excited to host our event here.

  • Where: Redhook Brewlab, 714 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
  • When: June 6, 2023
  • Type: Happy Hour

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