Become a Rheaply Ambassador

What is the Rheaply ambassador program?

Rheaply ambassadors function as both brand and on-site ambassadors, helping to spread the word about Rheaply’s circular economy mission through smarter resource management and surplus asset exchange. Rheaply ambassadors post on behalf of other users or departments. They are expected to connect with and find new users to join the platform, as well as engage with existing users or teams already on the platform.

Why join our ambassador program?

For starters, the ambassador program is for those that are passionate about and believe in the Rheaply mission, why it started, and how our technology aligns with the sustainable development goals of our planet. There are many ways to benefit from this program, most notably in the form of points accrued on the platform and extra cash-based incentives. Points on Rheaply are given to individual users who reuse resources within their organization. Over time as points accrue, users have a higher percent chance to win organizational giveaways. Rheaply ambassadors will:

  1. Earn $1 / qualified post*, up to $1,000** per month in addition to any existing monthly giveaways/contests available to all Rheaply participants!
  2. Earn 3 points per referral
  3. Earn 10 points per organized lunch and learn/Rheaply sponsored talk
  4. Receive Rheaply swag boxes and other seasonal giveaways
  5. Create a lasting impact on your organization’s sustainability efforts

* Must have some value to a second-hand buyer, even if only for educational purposes or for parts

** Paid in the form of a gift-card (Visa, Airline, Amazon)

What would I need to do?

In short, there’s a number of activities you can take, but in order of importance:

  1. Post to Rheaply and post on others’ behalf (with their consent)
  2. Use the link that automatically gives you points for people joining Rheaply
  3. Wear Rheaply swag around town (we’ll hook you up!)
  4. Give feedback with Rheaply members during on-site events
  5. Attend and help organize Rheaply events (for example, lunch and learns to connect with other departments or student-run organizations)

How do I start?

Fill out the form below to get started. We’ll send you our Ambassador agreement form.

Get in touch

Give us suggestions on how you think we can make this program even better! Know someone who should be a Rheaply ambassador? Email us to nominate them.